The Bay Area Communications Society (BAYCOM) was formed in 1962 under the club and repeater call of WA6YCZ. BAYCOM has maintained operational repeaters on Mt. Umunhum (37 deg 09 min 36 sec N, 121 deg 54 min 24 sec W, 3320 feet ASL) since the summer of 1962. The WR6ABH callsign was heard during the repeater regulation years 1973-1978 but now once again WA6YCZ is the official repeater and club callsign. BAYCOM strives to advance the state of the repeater art and provide a technically oriented user base for experimentation and communication related activities. BAYCOM maintains a "closed" VHF and UHF repeater system for technical experimentation and an "open" 220 MHZ repeater where users of all types and interests are encouraged to operate.

Baycom provides support and assistance to a number of other systems. These include a wide band 6 Ghz Microwave System (K6MSR), a 1.2 Ghz Repeater (WA6GFY), N0ARY BBS System, and we host the NCDXF sponsored W6WX HF Beacon which is an integral part of the NCDXF/IARU International Beacon Project.

The WA6YCZ repeater system has a full time connection to the internet which can be used for control/monitoring of the many system features. The basic repeater frequencies normally interconnected are:

224.9400Carrier AccessWA6YCZ, Mt Umunhum
147.1500110.9HzWA6YCZ, Mt UmunhumLinked
444.4000100.0HzWA6YCZ, Mt Umunhum
442.5375DMR CC 1WA6YCZ, Mt UmunhumLinked
TG 97150/TS 2
443.4000DMR CC 1WA6KPX, Mt Allison
441.8500DMR CC 1K6OTR, Black Mtn
440.5000DMR CC 1N6AMG, Mt Bruno
440.5875DMR CC 2WA6ECE, Bonny Dune
For more information on our DMR activities please visit or DMR Page.

If you are a "techi" and actually do something besides talk, come join us. We have more projects and ideas than we have people to do them.

For additional information contact Lance K6GSJ