6 Ghz Microwave
The microwave system consists of a highly modified Motorola MR-20 microwave converted to all solid state. This system operates in the amateur 6 Ghz band and provides a full duplex T1 24 channel link between Mt. Umunhum and W6MSR in Los Altos Hills. The antenna is a 6 foot solid surface dish and the transmitter power is 100 mw. This system supports telephone, modem and remote receiver links to the valley and points beyond.

At each microwave system node connections are made to the available telephone exchanges for the benefit of the network. At each node there is a UHF repeater that operates independantly or in conjunction with the microwave. For the Mt. Umunhum node the system is as follows: UHF System (W6MSR)
Receiver/Transmitter: Motorola Repeater
Antenna: Superstationmaster
Duplexer: Motorola 4 Bottle and GaFET preamp
Controller: controlled via 6 Ghz microwave/UHF input system.

6 Ghz Link to Valley

Contact: W6MSR Sam Wood